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Update by user Apr 11, 2015

Update to the previous review, dated today 4-11-15.

I negotiated a re-fund percentage price with the breeder. So, they did try to come to a mutual decision.

I understand that a breeder can tell at the age of 8 weeks that a puppy will have an under-***. Since I had never purchased a Mal-Shi previously, I wouldn't have been aware of that issue. The Mal-Shi sites do not say anything about an under-***. I do feel that breeders should be forth coming about sending a puppy out with an under-*** when we are counting on their information over the phone to be accurate.

That way I can choose to refuse the puppy or buy.

It does not affect his ability to eat. He has a great personality and we love him.

Update by user Jan 31, 2015


Our Mal-Shi has a severe under-***, the bottom teeth stick out when the lips are closed. My husband and I are waiting until he's 6 months to see if the teeth straighten themselves out.

Two Veterinarians are going to be writing up a review on the structure of his teeth. He'll be 6 months the middle of Feb.

2015. I anticipate that the breeder will handle this professionally, being that we paid a good price for this puppy.

Original review posted by user Dec 03, 2014

I purchased a Malshi (Maltese/Shitzu) cross and he arrived by airplane on 11-13-14 in good shape and happy to see me. The transaction went smoothly.

I dealt with Brett the majority of time and he was very professional. He answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. This adorable Malshi is happy, appears to be healthy and is super smart. You can tell they have been played with and given attention.

He will be 15 weeks soon. He is house trained and walking up and down his pet stairs already. Of course he loves his treat incentives. Laura took care of shipping the puppy and it went really well.

Thank you Brett & Laura for a super cute little guy. Keep up the good work!

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Hello....any update? I am curious to hear how the breeders handled the situation.

to Anonymous #970830

My review is above. Is this the breeder?

to Margot2014 #973182

Thanks for the update! No, I am a customer of theirs.

I recently put a deposit down on a Morkie and I didn't come across your review until after I paid the deposit.

I am happy to hear they worked with you on the issue. Thank you again for updating!

to Anonymous Grand Junction, Colorado, United States #973708

You are welcome!

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